Investrack Advisor

Investrack Advisor

Investrack Advisor provides banks and financial institutions with powerful capabilities to leverage their customer engagement strategy to maximize client retention rates, loyalty, and boost new customer acquisitions.  Fully integrated, and in line with the core value proposition of Globcaom’s Investrack™ Platform, Investrack Advisor gives all the intelligence and collaboration capabilities that a bank’s relationship management and client servicing teams need to deliver on revenue targets.

Highly secure, scalable, and configurable Investrack Advisor allows banks to organize their client base into different segments and map their team’s effort and efficiency accordingly. This enables relationship managers to quickly and efficiently come up with compelling and relevant portfolio offerings, aligned to each customer’s individual attributes, such as demographics, profession, and risk appetite, to name a few. This capability brings increased effectiveness for client servicing in a highly competitive financial servicing industry.

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Comprehensive Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)

Investrack Advisor provides comprehensive role based access controls. This feature selectively allows different stakeholders access to customer data within the firm based on their roles, with different hierarchies defined and implemented at multiple levels. Investrack Advisor can automatically synchronize, align, and implement the role definitions that already exist in the back-end systems of record, such as Advent® APX, thereby giving your customers a seamless investment experience across all the bank’s client facing systems through the power of Single Sign-On (SSO).

Client Risk Management

Being seamlessly integrated with the Investrack™ Platform, Investrack Advisor can be enhanced with other Investrack™ capabilities, such as Risk Profiling, which identifies and manages the investment risk appetite of your clients. Apart from helping you to improve on client servicing, this important capability helps you to remain compliant with regulations on investor protection. Featuring some of the most intuitive out of the box client risk profiling capabilities, this feature keeps you in full control of any changing requirements.

Portfolio Builder

Relationship managers can dynamically construct and circulate different portfolio options for their clients, based on their risk profile and current needs. The Portfolio Builder also allows Relationship Managers (RMs) to make changes to standard portfolios and tailor the offering to the client requirements, and compare them to set benchmarks. Using the advanced functionalities of Investrack™, Portfolio Builder can be equipped with additional functionality that enables RMs to help their clients calculate their future wealth based on their current positions and upcoming plan projections.

Seamless Collaboration

Collaboration and communication between the bank and their customers lie at the heart of any efficient customer engagement strategy. While the value proposition of Investrack itself is about engagement, it also features explicit collaboration and communication capabilities, such as chats, threaded discussions, notifications, and alerts between stakeholders. These collaboration capabilities are highly scalable and customizable as well.

Fully Mobile Enabled

Investrack Advisor supports iOS and Android platforms. While Investrack Advisor Web version is developed on HTML5 responsive design making it suitable for use across all form-factor browsers, the iOS and Android Apps provide a rich interface. Investrack Advisor mobile apps are fully white-labeled and can include the bank’s branding.