Investrack Client

Investrack Client

Investrack Client module is a next-generation, cross-platform, mobile-enabled, and fully responsive web-based system that allows banks and financial institutions to get closer to clients and effectively engage them. Investrack Client assists banks and financial institutions in taking their first quick steps towards formulating and implementing the firm’s customer engagement strategy. It is also seamlessly integrated with Globacom’s Investrack™ Platform which empowers building a long-term, scalable, extensible, and manageable customer engagement program.

With Investrack Client, the firm’s customers can seamlessly track, manage, control, and view their finances, interactions, and relationships across all internal business lines. Investrack has an open architecture that allows the building of custom user interfaces that promote the bank’s branding and marketing messages, while making it convenient for them to access and use the rich features of the system.

Investrack Client graphic

Crisscross View

Investrack Client provides sophisticated yet easy to use portfolio viewing and analysis features for investors to view their holdings, transactions, performance, and other important information. It also provides the capability to generate reports featuring comprehensive views and parameters of their data, which can be downloaded and shared as necessary. The client dashboards can be customized and the interface branded as per the needs of the bank.

Fully Mobile Enabled

Investrack Client supports iOS and Android platforms. While Investrack Client Web version is developed on HTML5 responsive design making it suitable for use across all form-factor browsers. In addition, the iOS and Android Apps provide a rich interface. Investrack Client mobile apps are fully white-labeled and can include the bank’s branding.

Security and Control

Investrack Client is built with security in mind in order to address the most stringent requirements of financial industry regulations on a global scale. All components of the platform have successfully passed multiple third-party testing methods for intrusion and penetration threats. Our security algorithms are built on some of the best threat prevention methodologies. This has made Investrack trusted by many global clients and is always ready for structured third-party testing. Investrack Client provides full control over the functionalities and features for each segment of their customers, turning them on or off, and enabling them to monitor, control and remain compliant.

Seamless Collaboration

Collaboration and communication between the bank and their customers lies at the heart of any efficient customer engagement strategy. While the value proposition of Investrack itself is about engagement, it also features explicit collaboration and communication capabilities, such as chats, threaded discussions, notifications, and alerts, between stakeholders. These collaboration capabilities are also highly scalable and customizable.


Investrack Client is seamlessly integrated within Investrack™ platform. It works in tandem with all other modules of Investrack™ such as Investack Advisor, RiskPro, WealthView, BriefMaker, etc. This seamless integration allows banks to begin in a low-risk, nimble, and focused way to become strategically prepared to enhance their customer engagement programs. With adoption of Investrack Client, you can rely on Investrack™ to be always on your side while you build and deliver on your customer engagement initiatives.