In the 4th generation of e-business, banks and financial institutions have come a long way in adopting different technology stacks suitable to their various needs. While most of their technology adoptions have been governed by their business charter and vision, the market economics and global competition landscape are presenting a new challenge that requires them to revisit investments made so far.

With disruptions in the areas of technology, regulations, social media, and enterprise ecosystems, banks and financial institutions need to have more insights than before about their customers, partners, regulators, operational efficiency, and global economic indicators. This additional stream of information translates into a hybrid business intelligence presenting a crisscrossing view across the silos of information systems that they have access to. Traditional business intelligence systems can only do so much, given that a hybrid information architecture need has to also have incorporating unstructured data sets, which are now classified into the domain of Big Data Analytics.

Globacom’s Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) technology is presented into a scalable intellectual property that can become a solution accelerator to deliver you rapid realization of a hybrid business intelligence platform. This capability can be rapidly leveraged across your business functions either as operationally focused or customer centered. Our EAI engine is seamlessly integrated into our other components giving you the power to extend your competitive landscape beyond the traditional boundaries.

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