Advisor Portal Overview

Investrack Advisor Portal module is a next-generation, cross-platform, mobile-enabled, and fully responsive web-based system that allows Advisors of wealth management institutions manage and engage their clients and their portfolios.

With Investrack Advisor, the firm’s Advisors can seamlessly track, manage, control, and view their client’s portfolios, interactions, and relationships.

Investrack Advisor Portal


  • Advisors can have a unified view of all their client portfolios (holdings, transactions, performance, etc.)
  • Conduct trades across all business lines (OrderRoute)
  • Workflows fully configurable
  • Fully white-labeled and widget base – project your brand and functionality needs
  • Works on all devices – HTML 5 design, with native mobile apps as an option
  • Fully configurable to meet your institution’s needs
  • Integrates with all backend systems
  • Consolidate information from your existing back-office systems
  • Automate client statement creation and delivery (Armbox)
  • Conduct in-depth analysis (Wealthview Analytics)
  • Ability to view/record contacts and activities to interact with
  • Help prospects and clients record goal based, theme based and risk profile based investments
  • Help clients with order execution
  • Much more…