Document Repository

ArmBox is a secure and intelligent content and document repository. Fully integrated with Investrack™ Platform, ArmBox can store, organize and map different documents and collaterals that a bank or financial institution may want to disseminate to their customers or customer segments. Such content can include month-end financial reports, New Fund Offers (NFO), offer documents, marketing brochures, tutorials, research reports, advertisements, instruction guides, reference material, etc.

ArmBox helps deliver on the customer engagement strategy by providing the capability to banks and financial institutions to share their research, knowledge, and advisory most suitable to them. ArmBox is seamlessly integrated with other modules of Investrack™, to augment the personalized services to select customers, by providing them specific research and advisory information that they might be looking for.

Centralized and Secure

ArmBox features a centralized and secure repository to store documents and contents, controlled by a sophisticated Role Based Access Control (RBAC) layer. This centralized repository allows easy configuration and maintenance in large enterprise environments. The role-based access control can be imported from other systems of record or can be made to follow the existing role definitions used in other enterprise systems.

Customer Mapping

Customers with different attributes that form the customer segments can be effectively mapped to certain categories of documents and contents accessed through ArmBox. This features a universal mapping of many-to-many for increased flexibility and value. With this capability, ArmBox enhances the superior customer experience philosophy in your journey towards competitive customer engagements.

Full Search

The ArmBox repository features full search capabilities based on file names, Meta tags, and free-form document text search. This allows you to efficiently locate the right information in this historical repository that builds with time. ArmBox can build archives and search them if the system is configured to archive appropriately aged content.

Fully Integrated

ArmBox is fully integrated with Investrack™ Platform, thereby allowing you to bring in additional customer engagement capabilities. ArmBox can be deployed as a stand-alone system. However, integrating it with Investrack™ components such as Investrack, or RiskPro of Investrack™ can help in augmenting the value of ArmBox to deliver superior customer experience.


Even though ArmBox is a scalable and feature-rich out-of-the-box solution, it can be customized based on the special requirements of banks and financial institutions. We would be happy to help you with your needs around ArmBox as a stand-alone deployment, integrated into Investrack™, or into another system or platform. With Globacom’s deep expertise in disparate back-end transaction systems we can help you derive the best value out of your ArmBox deployment.