ReachOut+ Middleware

ReachOut+’s sophisticated and highly optimized enterprise application integration architecture sits at the heart of the Investrack™ Platform and powers all its integrated modules.

The integration robustness and maturity of ReachOut+ are fine-tuned to offer comprehensive customer engagement capabilities specifically for regulated industries such as global banks and financial institutions. The service, consulting, and support components within Investrack™ are designed to deliver on the full potential of ReachOut+ Middleware integration engine.

ReachOut+ addresses the most basic yet most difficult requirement of enterprise integration that has prevented many banks and financial institutions from realizing the full potential in providing differentiated customer engagement programs. A highly ambitious customer engagement strategy may lag behind in achieving its objectives if it is not able to deliver on providing an excellent customer experience. ReachOut+ Middleware enables banks to connect the dots and extend the lines, as they succeed with each step of getting incremental and interrelated customer interactions, ultimately leading to their customers’ delight.

Almost a Hard Real-Time System

ReachOut+ is designed to mimic a hard real-time software system. It seamlessly connects to disparate back-end enterprise systems to provide critical real time intelligence. In other words, the integrated information delivered over ReachOut+ significantly reflects the state of that information in your operation’s ecosystem. This capability enables your customers and internal stakeholders to make decisions based on the most recent version of the truth within your investment management enterprise and market pricing systems.

Boosts Digital Transformation Initiatives

ReachOut+ value proposition is to form a foundation for your strategic digital transformation initiatives. Investrack™ components extend this capability of ReachOut+ to not only help you jump-start your sophisticated customer engagement programs, but also to enrich it as needed by deploying some of its other integrated modules. ReachOut+ could be easily tailored to incorporate future specific requirements that you may have in integrating other systems to allow you to deliver on your overall digital transformation charter.

High Scalability and Reliability

One of the most important features of ReachOut+ is its proven capability to scale up or down on an enterprise integration value chain. In the 4th generation of e-business, banks and financial institutions increasingly have a need to integrate in order to move up the value chain. However, the trail of failed or problematic software system implementations in the past demonstrates how difficult this is to attain. ReachOut+ is designed to handle this difficulty at the grassroots level to provide consistently successful integration implementations.

Secure and Trusted

ReachOut+ as part of the Investrack™ Platform is built with security in mind in order to address the most stringent requirements of financial industry regulations on a global scale. All components of the platform have successfully passed multiple third-party testing methods for intrusion and penetration threats. Our security algorithms are built on some of the best threat prevention methodologies. This has made ReachOut+ trusted by many global clients and is always ready for structured third-party testing.

Rapid Customization

Customer engagement is a continuous journey and ReachOut+ capabilities within Investrack are always by your side throughout this journey. The design, architecture and value proposition of ReachOut+ easily allows the incorporation of special requirements. This not only helps in the personalization of your offering to customers, but also in overcoming change inertia internally through rapid design and implementation.