Risk Profiling

RiskPro Profiler is a scalable framework integrated within Globacom’s Investrack™ Platform, which quickly and easily helps identify, validate, and document the investors’ risk profile. This structured framework provides defining customer risk assessment models for different segments of investors to allow offering tailor-made products and services in compliance with their risk appetite.

RiskPro features sequential and branching set of questionnaires that are required to properly assess the risk appetite. This is based on the built in formulae wizard, which is fully configurable by the bank risk team, without any need for back-end coding or customization. RiskPro is seamlessly integrated with all other components of Investrack™ to provide powerful functionalities, such as profile-based portfolio building, client risk mitigation by controlling deviation through real-time alerts, among others.

In line with the strategic value of Investrack™, RiskPro framework provides multifold capabilities in the hands of relationship managers, empowering them to improve their client servicing and thereby enhance their competitive edge. While RiskPro is tightly integrated with Investrack™, it can be implemented as a stand-alone system, yet ready to leverage other offerings within Investrack™ as and when needed.