Powerfull Analytics

WealthView is a powerful real time analytics platform in the hands of banks to carryout sophisticated analysis over their customer relationships, such as what if analysis, slice and dice, sectorial exposure, geographic concentration, asset class view, to name a few.

WealthView provides an intuitive user interface with the ability to build custom dashboards depending on role or task based needs. The key value proposition of WealthView is to deliver intelligence on the fingertips of Relationship Managers which they can use together with the existing ecosystem, such as CRM, to gain a maximum share of the pie of customer finances and investments through immense cross-selling opportunities that WealthView can dig out and present on-demand.

Being seamlessly integrated to Globacom’s Investrack™ Platform, WealthView delivers an incremental intelligence for revenue maximization.

Intelligence Toolbox

WealthView features a number of business intelligence tools that allow Relationship Managers to gain a deeper understanding of their client base. These tools spruce up the capabilities of relationship managers in client servicing efficiency by bringing in scientific relevance to it. WealthView’s capabilities are aligned with the logical progression of other sequential components of revenue maximization value chain, such as customer portals and risk led investment advisory.

Integrated Repository

The intelligence delivered through WealthView can be integrated with a centralized repository to deliver value to the other client servicing roles within the workflow. This integration allows banks and financial institutions to disseminate the relevant information and intelligence not only to internal stakeholders but also potentially to customers as well, with a secured and discretionary control.

Role Based Access Controls

WealthView presents a comprehensive implementation of role based access controls that allows banks and financial institutions to selectively allow access to their customer data to different stakeholders within the company based on their roles. Different hierarchies can be defined and implemented at multiple levels.

Alerts and Notifications

Send preconfigured alerts and notifications to your relationship managers on important risk based events. This can boost your client services as it allows your relationship managers to bring up the advisory ecosystem. These alerts and notification go straight to the dashboards of the stakeholders allowing them to take required action on time.

Seamless Integration

WealthView is seamlessly integrated within Investrack™ platform. It connects and interfaces with other customer engagement modules of Investrack™ such as Investrack Advisor, RiskPro, WealthView, BriefMaker, and so on. This seamless integration allows banks to boost their customer engagement programs in a low-risk, nimble yet intelligent and scalable way.